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20. Beginning Game/Character Designer, Freelance Illustrator and part time IT guy. I play a lot of indie games. Currently prototyping stuff and taking commissions.
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AlixBalica's News

Posted by AlixBalica - December 11th, 2018

Hey Newgrounds, long time no see!

As posted on my Twitter and Tumblr (despite the fact I censored stuff in my commission sheet I still got silenced, how cool is that!) I'm open for commissions these holidays so if you wanna gift some art to a friend or treat yourself to a nice drawing made by yours truly please check out these sweet prices and a brief description of my conditions!


If you'd like to ask for more information or commission me please don't hesitate to contact me through any of the means mentioned above or send me a PM here!

Posted by AlixBalica - August 16th, 2018

After 3 god damn months I tried out this method right here and I got access back to my account within 2-3 hours....

Welp, go say hi


Posted by AlixBalica - March 15th, 2018

Posted by AlixBalica - August 4th, 2017


Posted by AlixBalica - July 31st, 2017


Feel free to join!

Posted by AlixBalica - July 15th, 2017


That’s right fellas! This is the game I’ve been talking about.

In this game you control a strange creature called Desdemona who, in pure rage and thirst for blood, goes on her way to murder every being that has been cruel to her. Though, your loyal companion and friend Jackie, a child spirit, tries to make her understand that revenge and murder is not the right thing to do and instead tries to teach her about compassion and forgiveness. It’s up to you to decide if everything and everyone must live or die.

So far the game is very early in development with a team of only two people; yours truly as the programmer and game designer, and the amazing MxBones (@ skull_general on Twitter, better known as the person behind the webcomic Pilot) as the boss designer! Also music from the already-known Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com).

The game is heavy influenced by both OFF by Mortis Ghost and Undertale by Toby Fox, though Desdemona has its own spice with a mix of dark humor, hericide, self-hatred, phobias, and betrayal!

If you wanna support the development of this game you can support me on Patreon, every tier has the chance to see concept art, exclusive footage of the game, updates and beta testing!

I hope you guys like this concept and I will be open to receive any questions on my Tumblr blog about game lore and character traits!


Posted by AlixBalica - July 14th, 2017

Hey there guys! For starters I wanna apologize for going silent lately, I got really sick and I needed some time to rest. Plus I was super hyped about The End Is Nigh which of course y'all already know it's out already, which reminds me I have this WIP right here of the poster I just posted (lol!)


Cool huh? My dumbass lined in the sketch layers so I had to erase the sketch from the line art like a fucking animal. But it turned out great!

In other news my computer was fixed weeks ago, thank you all who donated or commissioned me! Now I'm looking into buying a new monitor since I'm still using a CRT one, it's heavy it's bulky and it's right in my fucking face so I need something thin and with a better resolution (working with a 800x600 screen is bullshit!) and that gives me an opportunity to remind you that I'm taking commissions both SFW and NSFW.

Aaaaand that's about it, no game update yet but I hope sometime soon (if I ever grow bored of The End is Nigh). Have a good night!

Posted by AlixBalica - May 26th, 2017

Sup fellas! I'm a liar and I haven't stopped using any of my social media accounts. If anything I've been more active on Reddit and kinda less present on Tumblr so if you lurk around on /r/TBoIRule34 you might find some of my stuff.

Here's the sketch of a something I just posted:

5281326_149584381143_dsfsgfd.pngI might color the sketch some time because I really liked it but who knows!

I gotta remind y'all that I'm accepting commissions both SFW and NSFW and I have a Patreon set. All the money goes to repairing my main PC, food, and medical bills!

Posted by AlixBalica - May 19th, 2017

Hey everyone! This might be my last post here before I take a break from social media alltogether. It will be hard to leave most of the websites I visit since I basically have an unhealthy addiction but it will do me good and it will give me more time to work on two things:



I've been planning this comic for around a year or two, I don't have a lot of details to provide but I can tell you it can be easily mistaken by PETA propaganda, but gone wrong! The art style won't be very consistent as I'm really working on something that fits the comic's ambient, I'm trying to improve scenario creation, light sources, shading, anatomy and other stuff that will make this thing pleasing to read. I will release more details when I come back.

DESDEMONA (codename):

This one is small compared to YAHWEH. It will be a game made in RPGMaker that features psychological horror, strange things and very, very bad moral values. Nothing much can be said about this game as it's very, VERY early into development and only some pieces of concept art and sprites have been done. As for the music I've been trying to compose it myself since I got no money to pay a musician and none of my friends compose the kind of music needed for this game, so if you wanna contribute to this game for nothing than contributing to the indie game community and probably getting your name out there you can contact me through email (alixbalicus[at]gmail[dot]com) or send me a message here on NG.

Here's the main character for your delight.

5281326_149522134653_deademonasample.pngI don't have a release date set yet, development is all over the place since my situation at home is incredibly tense, I finally dropped out of highschool, I can't seem to find a job and the university admission exam is just around the corner (wish me luck! if I pass the exam I'll have to go back to school) and I'm broke as in 'so broke my grandma has to give me food'.

If you want to help me out work on these things faster you might want to contribute to my Patreon. There I will post exclusive development screenshots and concept art, and some stuff that patrons will see before anyone else!

So, I'm still open for commissions, I will keep posting drawings and check Newgrounds and Twitter from time to time. I will leave Tumblr mostly untouched because that place stresses me the fuck out.

Aaaaand that's about it! I will still be active over Discord, Skype and other IM platforms if you happen to have me added. If not well, consider being a patron to get my Discord handle and many other sweet stuffs!

See you soon and take care!

Posted by AlixBalica - May 17th, 2017

Heya! I just wanted to drop by to show you a lil preview of a thingy I've been working on all day for Battleblock Theater's 3rd anniversary on Steam, it should be up here soon!


Plus I gotta remind y'all that I'm open for commissions, both SFW and NSFW and I have a Patreon if you wanna support me and see what projects I'm currently working on!

Have a good night <3