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All of this money goes to repair my main computer, medical bills, vet bills and I'll try to save some money to find a place to live.

Please consider helping me out and thank you!

I have a Facebook page now

2017-03-15 17:03:10 by AlixBalica

Here it is if you wanna follow me there too idk

I am so full of shame

2017-03-07 03:20:49 by AlixBalica

Someone just uploaded some recent stuff from both my NSFW blogs to Paheal. Normally I would be royally pissed because uploading someone's works without their consent is a bad move, but since they sourced all that stuff correctly I can't complain.

But the thing is,

the battleblock theater tag exploded

sooo this person made me realize I kinda have a problem, I just love Hatty way too much!

I'm not sure if I should message this person or nah, probably since they posted the self indulgent shit which I would rather keep on the blogs only, but I dunno.

I swear I almost died of shame when I was told this happened.


Pit People

2017-01-20 13:16:52 by AlixBalica

I can't stop playing it, the side missions are great (some hilarious, adorable, fucked up or a pain in the ass) and the Unfair Challenge feels more unfair I just LOVE IT!!!

I might play online this afternoon/night so if you run into some fucker named Captain Greedy Scratchpaw flip 'em off


2017-01-06 13:53:25 by AlixBalica

I'm loving it so far! Despite its imbalances I absolutely love it, it pisses me off so much it's like I was thrown back in time when I played the original and rage quit several times. Greedier mode is absolute bullshit and I can't wait to beat that bitch with Lilith and what I look forward the most is the final ending 'cause I ache to know what happened to Isaac in the end.

NSFW Comissions are open!

2016-12-22 01:13:57 by AlixBalica

That's right ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between!

I can draw your wildest, most twisted fantasies for the price of cheap! Go here for more information!

Comissions are OPEN!

2016-12-18 04:01:02 by AlixBalica

That's right fellas! Since I'm in need of lots of money to pay bills and slowly become independent (I really can't stand my father) I'm gonna draw like a starving artist and I will take up to 3 comission requests before the year ends.

You can see all the details here, and if you want some NSFW pieces you gotta wait a few days 'till I have that comission info figured out.

I'll be more than happy to draw for you!

Birthday and comissions

2016-11-20 04:31:15 by AlixBalica

So! I'm finally legal here and that means bank account which means comissions!

If you like my stuff and you want me to draw stuff for you (be your character, a series character or porn of characters) then I got news for you! Comissions will be opened in 2017!!!

In the meanwhile I gotta set things up, get my ID, go have a birthday lunch and get turnt at night, happy birthday to me!

Pit People and other stuff

2016-10-02 04:55:37 by AlixBalica

I gotta say The Behemoth really outdid themselves now! The beta is amazing, the plot is interesting, the soundtrack is catchy and the gameplay is just unf.

I'm personally a fan of the space bear and the final cutscene of the beta (Did Stamper animate it? I could notice his art and animation style!), everything is damn awesome!

Also, I might start comissions near December/January so stay tuned if ya want me to draw stuff for ya!

Hey guys, since I can't sleep more than 4 hours I'm trying to kill time by playing quick matches on Lethal League.

So if you see a nerd maining Candyman called Alix then kick their ass.