Actual footage of a computer begging for death (GRAPHIC)

2017-05-10 03:45:01 by AlixBalica

5281326_149440223291_bcgbfd.pngI have the vague feeling that I must do a backup and replace my hard disk...


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2017-05-10 05:28:46

hope he doesn't die


2017-05-10 05:30:05

Daaayum ! A backup seems indeed like the right choice.
Lets hope your files don't get corrupted on the process. Good luck with that.

AlixBalica responds:

I'm trying to repair it thru chkdsk /f and I do really hope nothing gets lost. Though after having a seizure that lasted 6 hours it seemed to do just fine as soon as it was done, I think it will handle the backup just fine!