Projects, Patreon and taking a break from social media

2017-05-19 15:27:15 by AlixBalica

Hey everyone! This might be my last post here before I take a break from social media alltogether. It will be hard to leave most of the websites I visit since I basically have an unhealthy addiction but it will do me good and it will give me more time to work on two things:



I've been planning this comic for around a year or two, I don't have a lot of details to provide but I can tell you it can be easily mistaken by PETA propaganda, but gone wrong! The art style won't be very consistent as I'm really working on something that fits the comic's ambient, I'm trying to improve scenario creation, light sources, shading, anatomy and other stuff that will make this thing pleasing to read. I will release more details when I come back.

DESDEMONA (codename):

This one is small compared to YAHWEH. It will be a game made in RPGMaker that features psychological horror, strange things and very, very bad moral values. Nothing much can be said about this game as it's very, VERY early into development and only some pieces of concept art and sprites have been done. As for the music I've been trying to compose it myself since I got no money to pay a musician and none of my friends compose the kind of music needed for this game, so if you wanna contribute to this game for nothing than contributing to the indie game community and probably getting your name out there you can contact me through email (alixbalicus[at]gmail[dot]com) or send me a message here on NG.

Here's the main character for your delight.

5281326_149522134653_deademonasample.pngI don't have a release date set yet, development is all over the place since my situation at home is incredibly tense, I finally dropped out of highschool, I can't seem to find a job and the university admission exam is just around the corner (wish me luck! if I pass the exam I'll have to go back to school) and I'm broke as in 'so broke my grandma has to give me food'.

If you want to help me out work on these things faster you might want to contribute to my Patreon. There I will post exclusive development screenshots and concept art, and some stuff that patrons will see before anyone else!

So, I'm still open for commissions, I will keep posting drawings and check Newgrounds and Twitter from time to time. I will leave Tumblr mostly untouched because that place stresses me the fuck out.

Aaaaand that's about it! I will still be active over Discord, Skype and other IM platforms if you happen to have me added. If not well, consider being a patron to get my Discord handle and many other sweet stuffs!

See you soon and take care!


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