2017-07-15 15:36:52 by AlixBalica


That’s right fellas! This is the game I’ve been talking about.

In this game you control a strange creature called Desdemona who, in pure rage and thirst for blood, goes on her way to murder every being that has been cruel to her. Though, your loyal companion and friend Jackie, a child spirit, tries to make her understand that revenge and murder is not the right thing to do and instead tries to teach her about compassion and forgiveness. It’s up to you to decide if everything and everyone must live or die.

So far the game is very early in development with a team of only two people; yours truly as the programmer and game designer, and the amazing MxBones (@ skull_general on Twitter, better known as the person behind the webcomic Pilot) as the boss designer! Also music from the already-known Kevin MacLeod (

The game is heavy influenced by both OFF by Mortis Ghost and Undertale by Toby Fox, though Desdemona has its own spice with a mix of dark humor, hericide, self-hatred, phobias, and betrayal!

If you wanna support the development of this game you can support me on Patreon, every tier has the chance to see concept art, exclusive footage of the game, updates and beta testing!

I hope you guys like this concept and I will be open to receive any questions on my Tumblr blog about game lore and character traits!



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