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God damn my best friend, as we both enjoy going all like 'hey what if X character fucked Y character?' followed by drawing those characters fucking.

Recently our subjects have been Hatty and the prisoners from Battleblock Theater, though my beginnings as a NSFW artist is given in the OFF by Mortis Ghost fandom and I gotta say,

The amount of things we have drawn are incredibly unholy and not even going to church daily will give me a place in Heaven.

Embrace me, Satan, for I have drawn characters doing the most unholy things with eachother.

(PD: I don't do NSFW requests or comissions, I just draw it for fun and it's completely private)

OH! Before I forget! Mx. B suggests you, fellow smut artist, not to use slurs towards LGBTQA+ people in your works and always, fucking always use references and research a bit before drawing/writing 'cause holy shit I'm hella tired of reading fanfictions where the characters use countless unsanitary stuff as lube and some smut visual artists draw chicks incredibly unproportional and the tits look literally like baloons. Like srsly bruh.

AB out.

When life gives you lemons...

2015-03-12 22:37:01 by AlixBalica
Updated makes sure to hit you hard with them.

I know it's tiresome every time I post it's all ranting, but hey no one follows me here so no one close to me has to worry!

Anyways, today when I was at school we had to be evacuated 'cause of a gas leak. That made me have an anxiety attack (but oh boy it saved us from a math exam!).

When my father goes to pick me up he tells me my grandma (who's incredibly sick) had to be hospitalized urgently.

Then I try to show my girlfriend an episode I love from Whatever Happened To... Robot Jones, not two minutes later she goes batshit crazy about Steven Universe's new episode (AKA she didn't care about my message+spoilers of an episode that won't come out in Latin America any time soon)

Last thing, some hours ago I went to visit my grandma. Then the nurses tell us THEY FUCKING LOST HER.

They didn't know where she was, they knew she was very ill and needed attention, but they didn't remember where'd they put her bed.

An hour later they find her, though they lost a CD where they had ALL THE INFO the doctors got from analysis. They told us she might be relapsing from some heart+lung disease she has so it's pretty bad.

THEN, when I finally get home I get messages from my girlfriend ranting that she's feeling pushed aside by her best friend and another friend. Funny because she actually pushed me aside by her best friend and that friend.

AND, to finish this clusterfuck of pity; it's almost April. AKA one year since I first attempted suicide.

This is all bullshit, but hey! At least I didn't have to do a math exam!

Stupid ill brain.

Tips on what to do when...

2015-03-11 00:29:27 by AlixBalica

...Your mouth is bleeding way too much:

    Okay no but seriously, this could cause you nausea (and vomit) and eventually some blood disease if you drink way too much of your own blood for some time.
  • Put some cotton on the wound.
    Sounds dumb but it works, make sure to change it every 2 hours or you will get a nasty infection
  • For the love of god don't suck too hard.
    Even if you really wanna suck dick. Wait until you're fully healed, you don't want to snap any sutures and cause more bleeding and excessive pain, do you?
  • Don't force yourself.
    This could also snap your sutures and cause more bleeding (and pain), at this point you'd be sick of tasting blood.
  • Avoid fatty food
    That includes nasty McDonalds, junk food, red meat, fried stuff, anything that's got too much fat. You will cause an infection in the wound.

I'm a dumb kid, I know these from experience.

Recently (like, yesterday) I got my second wisdom tooth removed.

It was painful, yes.

I felt like punching the doctor even though he's a sweetheart, yes.

The anesthesic helped shit get done quick AND gave me a few hours of pure unexplained happiness, in a few days I'll be pain free, yes.

But the problem is; I'm gonna be sick as long as blood keeps coming out.

Like; here I am, sitting in front of the computer in a school day 'cause I threw up all the blood I swallowed overnight (12 hours of good sleep, though), now I'm hungry but I'm still not supposed to eat. At least heavy, greasy meals.

And the constant fear that the string will break too early is just shitty.

I can't wait for next week.

Don't you ever just...

2015-03-05 02:15:41 by AlixBalica

...Have those days when you're tired as fuck?

Like, I should be used to it, my anxiety causes insomia (whatever it's spelled like) so it's no big deal, right?

Well it is, highschool is not cheap nor easy to be wasted in sleeping while on class.

I wish I could get rid of my tiredness.


2015-02-15 18:40:32 by AlixBalica

I don't know what ya guys think, but if you truly love your partner or friends you won't feel the need to do something 'special' on Valentine's.

I mean, I didn't do anything too out of this world for my girlfriend (except for a quick painting, I really felt like painting her character) 'cause as I told her; "My love for you grows everyday." And I wasn't expecting a gift either because whatever I wanted I already have it, and it was being with her.

That doesn't mean you guys can't do anything on Valentine's, I mean it's very sweet if you suddenly come up with something like chocolates, flowers (I prefer them in pots or plastic ones, you know, so it can last as the love you're supposed to feel), cards, sex (?)... But I think it'd be better if you do it on a random day and not necessarily on Valentine's. Maybe after Valentine's because chocolates and gifts are the cheapest.

Also, don't get all bitter because you don't have a lover on Valentine's. You can also spend your time with your friends or family because this is a day to celebrate love (platonic, romantic, familiar, to one self, hate-love(?) so yeah, go out with your friends, buy some beers, fuck shit up with them, hug your dog, kiss your grandma's cheek, thank your mother, treat yo self, whatever you want to do, just don't shove a stick up your butt and enjoy this day (or don't, you bitter motherfucker).


2015-02-08 21:17:01 by AlixBalica

Hey, sup. This is Alix.

I don't know why I'm writing this but whatevs, my profile looks empty and I'm procrastinating homework so.

I'm an amateur artist, almost hardcore gamer, sophomore highschooler(I think so?), angry little bag of garbage.

Last thing's kinda true.

I'm from Mexico City, my lifetime goal is becoming a kinda recognized animator/musician/game developer.

I'm into shit tons of stuff like The Behemoth games, The Binding of Isaac, OFF by Mortis Ghost, Homestuck, Minecraft, TF2, Gears of War, Don't Starve, Five Nights at Freddy's, Luftrausers, Super Smash Bros and Nintendo in general.

I'm a hardcore theorist, if I happen to like a videogame I immediatly try to create theories about certain stuff.

I draw stuff, I write stuff, I'm learning animation, I'm not a serious artist.