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One Punch Man - Remake Latino One Punch Man - Remake Latino

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Me quiero volver changooooooooo
Está super genial y me encantan los diferentes estilos y referencias de la cultura en Internet latinoamericana (undertale ya dió impacto y claro que no faltaba la referencia al chavo del 8)
All my 5 stars are belong to you!!!

Mexico´s Economy Mexico´s Economy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nothing else has pictured the mexican peso so accurately before, good job.

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drainzerhg responds:


Ash gets arrested Ash gets arrested

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Great concept, nice joke but I feel like you could improve in emotions. Both on the animation and the voice acting (though your voice acting is good already!). I suggest exaggerating emotions a bit more like, when the detective 'freaks out' he shows mid emotion, just like he saw something that's not ordinary but not that 'WOW HOLY SHIT WTF WAS THAT?!'. First of all, you have to think; what would a 'normal' person do when some kiddo randomly spins and levitates away? They would be losing their shit! You could draw the person in question like they just saw the most life changing, mind scarring thing ever. (I'm not good at words and I'll gladly draw a tutorial, though I'm not a professional :P) When the guy questions what the fuck did Ash just say he acts like it was just a drunk guy that said a sentence in the wrong order, he, instead, could to be all like 'what the fuck are you talkin' about?!'. When the expression are exaggerated, the animation gets funnier.
I really hope to see more of your works!!!