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On my Webcomic

2016-04-29 22:07:19 by AlixBalica

That's right, ladies, gentlemen and everyone in-between!


Dandelion, the webcomic I've been planning for years now has a release date!

This comic takes place in a 'new' planet called Rho-50, inhabited by plant people called Asters. 

Recently corrupted by human kind, the Asters have been punished by their gods for their sins and it's up to Iris, a child Aster, and her crew to find their god and rescue their kin from extintion.

May 1st, don't miss it!

Homestuck is ending

2016-04-12 22:53:01 by AlixBalica

I have a lot of mixed emotions. I'm happy yet sad.

I mean it's been 4 years since I started reading Homestuck and Andrew Hussie inspired me to draw more and pursuit my dream as an animator/comic artist.

Tonight is going to be a very emotional night.

On matters of the heart

2016-04-05 22:37:25 by AlixBalica

I have to admit this is getting old, but some way or another I have to let all this out.

Ever since I pushed all my friends away after learning the person I've been in love with decided that they've been in love with a person they've only known almost a year.

Every time I see them together I feel like throwing up. I feel anger, sadness, jealousy, remorse. I feel bitter.

I can't socialize properly anymore. The most minimal display of affection towards others or even towards me sickens me. Or hell it even scares me.

Things have been going horribly at home; my father is going back to be manipulative and aggressive and nothing I do works anymore. I have found myself crying like a baby because of how he treats me.

My so called friends have been using my rants to make fun of me (yes, even the ones about my suicide attempts. Aparently they think me almost dying is funny), I can't trust no one but a bunch of strangers in a website.

I don't know what I might do at this point.

It's no surprise that all this is happening on April. Three years ago I attempted suicide for the first time, and it was on April.

I know I've been saying this ever since, but I don't really think I will make it past this year.

I might pay the highway a visit next time my father has to leave for the entire day.

I'm making something NewGrounds exclusive, feel special 'cause I ain't posting this fucker on tumblr or facebook or twitter or natter


On April Fools

2016-04-02 13:28:22 by AlixBalica

I literally didn't bother on looking for a reference for that painting I did of Donald Dump because I despise that man a whole lot.

Eh, wish it was a better day, but hey! We can do a bit better next year

im like so sorry guys but mr trump is just right and i gotta leave ng bc im mexican and this site doesnt allow mexican ppl anymore :'((((((

i leave evrything 2 tom fulp goodbye every1


2016-03-28 20:29:56 by AlixBalica


On art

2016-03-19 05:57:14 by AlixBalica

Hey, I know you're all tired of my ranting but this is quite relevant to the content I post so here it goes:

I know I haven't posted anything new or good in a few months, the reason behind that is artblock and demotivation.

As the semester goes on I keep realizing I need to put my shit together and finally decide my career. 

Sadly, since every university I have in mind only offers 3D animation I've decided not to choose animation. Modeling is just not my thing, long live 2D animation. My father insists on Computer Enginering so I guess I'll take it.

And now, as I finished my most recent piece (a portrait of a friend), I realized I didn't like drawing anymore.

Everything feels forced, nothing I draw is of my liking. I have many ideas but no way to put them on paper (or well, digital canvas).

And this is the phase of my life when I have to decide; is art still worth it? Am I growing out of that dream that stupid 10 year old kiddo had of making their own cartoon on the internet? Do I wanna keep drawing?

It's hard, it's not depression by the way. I know I have the skills, I'm getting better, but I just don't enjoy it anymore.

On Mew-Genics

2016-02-28 20:34:39 by AlixBalica

It's been 2 years

I need my cat game.

(No but seriously, Edmund McMillen is just receiving a lot of money from me, in no time I'll buy every single game that's on sale that he's developed or well, helped develop.)

Hey guys, sorry for all the vent posts.

Some days ago, I broke up a total of 7 meaningful friendships.

It's been very quiet, but thankfully it's been also quiet in my head. A kid appeared and he seems to be different from Hat and Eli. He just stares and it makes me uneasy. I HATE children.

But since I broke those friendships he's left me alone. He pressured me into doing it. I could just feel him judging me when I talked with them. I couldn't handle the pressure, so I made my friends back off.

It feels lonely, it breaks my heart. But at least he's not bothering me for now.

I'm not sure what I'm doing.

I regret making it out of the hospital.